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Thread: Street/Graffiti artists - Designs Wanted

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    Street/Graffiti artists - Designs Wanted

    The TED696 collaboration between artists and Tooheys Extra Dry commissioned DMOTE, Luca Ionescu and Studio Number One/ Shepard Fairey to design a limited edition brown paper bag that will be used in selected Australian bottleshops.

    Australian designers can get involved in the project and create their own longneck bag design that will be judged by leading international designers.

    Designs could then go on to be prized, published, exhibited and reproduced. Top prize: A Mac Book Pro

    To get your art involved, TED696 Project have a site up with everything you need to know at www.tedcreated.com.au


    PS: Attached are the commissioned designs by DMOTE, Luca and Shepard Fairey.

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    Awesome stufff!

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